Articles and Seminars

Bruce Smith has authored articles and delivered seminars at national, state and local conferences on the following topics:

- Condemnation of Leased Property, published in The Fee Simple (magazine of the Real Property Section of the Virginia State Bar)

- PreTrial Strategy: Discovery Techniques and Motion Practice, Virginia Eminent Domain Conference, Charlottesville, Virginia

- Understanding and Avoiding Liability, Equine Extravaganza, Richmond, Virginia

- Choice of Business Entity, National Business Institute Equine Law, Richmond, Virginia

- Trial Issues: Opening Statements, Taking the Jury on the View and Procedural Issues, Virginia Eminent Domain Conference, Irvington, Virginia

- Legal Ethics, Virginia Eminent Domain Conference, Richmond, Virginia

- Trying Fraud Cases, National Equine Law Conference, Lexington, Kentucky

- Partnership Law, National Equine Law Conference, Lexington, Kentucky

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